domenica 15 aprile 2018

USK 10x10 ROME


Hi sketchers!
I'm just finished my participation for this year for 10x10 Usk. It was an amazing experience, as usual.
I love to teach and transmit my passion about drawing, see my students grow and become more confident with their skill!
Someone discovers a new way to express themselves, someone increases their capacity in observation, learning how to synthesize the reality.

Structured mind
Many of them need time, a lot of time, to finish a sketch.In many cases this is a problem of chaotic mind, where a lot of questions and problems just invaded the land, bringing confusion.
If the mind is clear and the right questions (but specially the right number) came one at a time, the student is more relaxed.

He just need to focus the goal and
develop the capacity to create the most inherent questions to go beyond the obstacles.

So give an example of structured mind is one of my main purpose when I'm teaching.
Teaching the style it's a process that I simply call "a matter of time", instead create a "structured mind" is something that I call "forever", it is a strong base where anyone could develop, step by step, their own style.

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