giovedì 21 dicembre 2017


I traveled to Costa Rica for three weeks with Felpa Gialla!
This trip was one of my favorites. The country takes care of its natural parks, trying to protect one of the last places where nature is synonymous with abundance.

On this trip we stayed in a Chocolate factory, where we saw the whole process, from the collection to the refining of cocoa, at Hotel Belmar, the first carbon neutral hotel, and at Finca Exotica, which is defined more a place of inspiration, a retreat, more than an ecolodge. If you are traveling to Costa Rica, I suggest you visit these three areas and the surroundings.

 In the North there is Rio Celeste, in the center the Cloud Forest and in the South the park with the most biodiversity in the world, Corcovado National Park. We moved a lot with the buses and we faced three changes of airplane in the first leg and four changes on the return , but we survived!
We have many things to tell even about our movements.

Costa Rica, like all countries, hides many contradictions, starting from the statistics of the people who follow the Christian religion, practically 99% and the widespread trade of drugs.
People are very hospitable, a little shy about private matters, but they open up to dialogue very easily.
If you say thank you, they answer "Mucho gusto", that means, with pleasure, if you look for directions they will try to help you even if they can not give you an answer. If you speak Spanish you will still have to get used to their accent, very different from that of Spain.

In Costa Rica it is important to know how to use watercolor. And about colors, I have always had a somewhat conflictive relationship. Color is related to my emotional tranquility, it is something connected to joy.
Because of some difficulties and stress about travel planning, that we found along the way, I have "unlocked my color feeling" only at the end.
For this reason, I normally try to travel for longer periods, to have time to adapt to the situation, so I can observe with more quiet, but this time it was not possible.

I thank all the people who made this trip possible and Lonely Planet Italy who gave us the guide.
We felt all the time in the family!
Together with the owner of Cata Chocolate we celebrated Thanksgiving, at the Hotel Belmar they were all very kind and helpful, they stayed to chat with us for a long time despite their commitments to explain their project of environmental sustainability, same thing to Finca Exotica where Markus and Gabriela talked to us and showed their dream.

All Costa Rica can be considered a spiritual retreat.
Really where there is nature there is spirit.My and my companion wrote some articles about our journey here: Patreon (in english) and on Felpa Gialla (in italian)
Hope you enjoy!

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