domenica 18 maggio 2008


If you go in Italy in this month you don't have to get lost the "Tradition of the Waxest" in Gubbio ( Umbria ).

Gubbio is best known for its palio, the Corsa dei Ceri, a spectacular run held every year on May 15, in which three teams, devoted to S. Ubaldo (the patron saint of Gubbio), S. Giorgio, and S. Antonio, run through throngs of cheering supporters (clad in the distinctive colours of yellow, blue and black, with white trousers and red belts and neckbands), up much of the mountain from the main square in front of the Palazzo dei Consoli to the basilica of S. Ubaldo, each team carrying a statue of their saint mounted on a wooden octagonal prism, similar to an hour-glass shape 4 meters tall and weighing about 280 kilograms. ( by wikipedia )

Link in italian : La festa dei Ceri , Ceri

Come dice mia zia, per farvi capire la passione e l'importanza di questa festa : a Gubbio la vita si divide in prima dei Ceri e dopo i Ceri.

Umbria is rich of tradition and festivals ! Another amazing tradition is the Machine of Santa Rosa in Viterbo

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