martedì 20 maggio 2008


Probably you will be asking yourself what damn is that unthinkable rose ball..well..
usually I make my moleskine with paper remainders, needle and wire, so I have taked some paper used into the Christmas fair in Bastia.
In that occasion I maked caricature upon a christmas bead's body, the same that you can see into this sketches. What else? It's a good paper, why don't use it? :)

Qu'est-ce qu'est cette balle rose? C'est un bille de Noel! Quand j'ai fait les caricatures à Bastia, Umbria, je devais dessiner le caricature sur cette bille! étant donné que le papier est bon je l'ai employé pour faire un livret ( je me fais de moi mes moleskines ) :)


3 commenti:

lacopol ha detto...

again and again, your life drawings are just amazing and beautiful!!!! i like the line!!!

werner ha detto...

Complimenti, questi disegni sono tutti molto belli! Mi piace molto questo tratto fresco e istintivo...

BEN ha detto...

merci beaucoup à tous!!!:D
you're always welcome!