martedì 23 febbraio 2016

Thailand: Departure

Leaving the “Eternal City” to “The Land of Smile”


My fly deaparts in the morning.
Rome is chaotic as always. It is difficult to leave.

The first stop is Helsinki. From the airplane I see the cold panorama: many area are covered by forest.
The trees are tiny, with long nude trunk.
Only their head are covered by a shine green hat.
They seems to want to be close to each other, living in a dream land, headless of the Finnish cold.

martedì 26 gennaio 2016

Sunny morning

In Rome the winter sun is incredible hot.
You could stay all the morning sketching in the street wearing light dresses.
Some street artists play guitar and singing old Italian songs.
Tourists walking lazily admiring the ancient ruin of Roman Forum.

lunedì 25 gennaio 2016

INside the kitchen

I love to draw kitchens. These kind of locations have a deep relation with the people, they remark their attitude, their habits
Moreover the kitchen is the most warm place in the house, physically and spiritually speaking, and it has an interesting balance between detail and emptiness.

sabato 23 gennaio 2016

Museo Barracco

Lo sketchcrawl internazionale si è tenuto al caldo, dentro le aule del Museo Barracco.
Visto le piccole dimensioni del museo, il gruppo ha chiesto il permesso alla direttrice, che gentilmente ha ben accolto gli sketchari, rimasti fino a fine chiusura a disegnare i reperti egiziani e romani.

sabato 16 gennaio 2016

Florence with my brother and sister

I drew my nephew while he was playing with my brother.
He is an incredible child, my brother love to make him laugh. I found that the laughter of a child is contagious and change the humor, the atmosphere at all.
I spent beautiful time sketching them!

mercoledì 11 novembre 2015

SKETCHCRAWL around North Italy

During the last sketchcrawl I was in the north of Italy, helping my brother with the move.

The sun was shining upon me so we took a lot of chances to draw what we see, and why not? take time to have lunch in Venice!