domenica 26 luglio 2015


Sketchcrawl di Luglio

indoor view of the winebar

wine bar outdoor

lunching time

relaxing time..
thanks to all for the beautiful day!

sabato 25 aprile 2015


Solidor, una meta nel mio viaggio WWOOF in giro per le aziende agricole.

domenica 4 gennaio 2015

Wwoof in action!

Eccomi nuovamente dopo mesi. Mancandomi un supporto tecnologico ho difficoltà a postare con più frequenza.
Sono in viaggio nelle aziende agricole tramite l'associazione wwoof.
Ho occasione di vedere posti meravigliosi a livello naturalistico, anche se poi il mio disegno è più incline a riprendere architetture, interni e persone.
Qui stavo a Viterbo, alla fattoria biodinamica. La cucina è lineare, professionale, con tutti i timbri asl possibili.
La proprietaria è una donna deliziosa, che accoglie chiunque tra le sue braccia come se ti conoscesse da sempre!

mercoledì 7 maggio 2014

Close to R

A beautiful period in Florenze, lived close to my nephew, 30 days of fullimmertion, where a little child teaches you how to live in the present.
Florence in spring is the perfect city for a perfect month, the spring overlapping the city, every flower and river are in an harmonious state, everything involves you to live this blossom.

giovedì 9 gennaio 2014

Vacanze in patria

I spent two weeks in my hometown with my large family!
It's was amazing see my little brother, recently employee as baker, doing an excellent focaccia (italian flat bread, similar to a pizza without flavoring , but more leavened), talking until 2 am with another brother, speaking of philosophy, eating a mega Lubjianska (two large slice of meat -mine is vegetarian :)- abundant as a pizza, with internal filling of ham and cheese). It's a great challenge to finish this dish! But first of all, feel Bora (a strong, cold, typical wind of that region) on my face, with its strong scent of saltiness..beautiful Trieste!

venerdì 25 ottobre 2013


This summer I found this fantastic organization: wwoof ( ) and I was immediately enthusiastic about this kind of exchange!
The site presents wwoof in this way: "WWOOF organisations connect people who want to live and learn on organic farms and smallholdings with people who are looking for volunteer help."
After the subscription I've contacted a small farm in Tuscany, near Grosseto, to start my first experience!
And I can say: It was really enthusiastic!
The family was composed by two parents and three childrens which have fantastic names: Maya, Blu and Lumi!
They don't have electricity (and you discover that REALLY you don't need electricity), to illuminate the evening they have solar lamps available, but they've potable water.
Three donkeys, ten goats occupy a lot of their day time, for almost two hour a day one or more of the family gaze the little herd around the beautiful Tuscany land.
I love water the vegetable garden, because it's an activity near to the meditation and it's fantastic create a clod and see this little seeds grow..
I suggest to everyone to take some times and try to live near nature and its power..

lunedì 1 luglio 2013

Bologna con Amore

Some months ago I went in Bologna to visit my Brother.
I saw the Asinelli Tower, spent beautiful days eating fantastic icecream (the best in italy) and cooking our homemade Tortellini (what a challenge create the right shape!), thanks to a colleague's Marco that loaned him this object:
A particular instrument to stretch the mixture.
A day trip in Ferrara has allowed us to meet Luis, a great urban sketcher.
Now he is traveling around the world and draw the Life :)