domenica 23 aprile 2017

Bogen Sport Zentrum in Zurich

I've been in Zurich for three weeks.
Bogen Sport Zentrum is one of my favourite shops, full of bizarre things like armors, wooden sculpture, Japanese bowls, cars and plane, Buddha statue, etc.
We was in searching of a place to shoot and Bogen Sport has an area for archers.
Kurt Nünlist is a world champion. The idea behind Bogen Sport was to create a place to teach and practice archery, there are not so many places in the city.
It is an indoor gym and, in the same time, a shop where you can find strange sculpture for all tastes!
You you will go in Zurich, keep an eye.
It was so funnny sketch inside!
The store is located near Binz, near the stop of S10. 

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