mercoledì 6 marzo 2013

Trip in Florence

Three days in Florence with my sister, her husband and my brother!
What a lovely time!
We visit two museum: a little called Museo del Bigallo with some ancient picture dated 1300-1400 (in there you can find also the most ancient depiction about Florence), and La Specola Museum.
The second one contains not only zoological subjects, but also a collection of anatomical waxes!!
An evening we had gone in La citè to see a tribal concert, what a wonderful place! I suggest to slip down to spend a different after-dinner!
Thanks to Andres and Silvia for the hospitality!

2 commenti:

Sue Pownall ha detto...

Fabulous sketches. I really like how you've used music notes to add atmosphere and context.

hfm ha detto...

Great sketches and I loved to remeber Firenze through your sketches.