venerdì 30 aprile 2010

Fori Imperiali Tour

I did a tour to Fori Imperiali last sunday. There was the culture's week so the area had free entrace. I enjoyed with the colours of the stone, I love his shades, spots, craks, moss.. In spite of it is an inanimate and lifeless object, the stone has a lot of details about the passage of life and time..It's the real time's witness.

4 commenti:

geraldo roberto da silva ha detto...

Poético! lindo!
Um abraço do Brasil!

Kendra Melton ha detto...

Wow you have such fantastic work!

Luc ha detto...

molto molto belli. i colori rendono tantissimo. i rosso bruni ed i tetti a piombo eccellenti !!

BEN ha detto...

thank you all!
Grazie mille luc, buona sketchata!! :D